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About Uvay

Established in 2016, UVAY INFRATEC is a rising construction company in the country aimed to deliver the best service and excellent efficiency in construction services. Ever since its founding, UVAY reflects an intimately curated ensembleof experiences, projects and services that unanimously stand for beauty, crafsmanship and sophistication. As a striving and reliable construction company UVAY INFRATEC is determined to excel from the limits and boundaries in the industry of construction in order to give all the people the chance to experience the serene life acquired from excellent quality of constructed houses and buildings. Within this span, we have grown to be a leading construction company in the market as a reliable entity who offer quality and uniqueness. Uvay as a front runner is seizing the opportunities and investing in the future. With our network of highly skilled and creative team, we keep an eye on what’s new, what’s good, safe and practical.

Uvay Infratec is a subsidiary group of Uvay International which is basically in to Real Estate Development and Construction abroad. Uvay Infratec was founded in 2016 by Pramod Damodaran, a Senior Professional who has rich experience in various sectors like Banking, Real Estate and Construction, to cater the business in Kerala as well as South India. We explore relationships between people, landscape and space to create a sense of belonging. The construction service story started based on a very simple idea; if a building can feel like it naturally ‘belongs’, or fits logically in a place, to an environment, a time and culture, then the people who inhabit the building will likely feel a sense of belonging there as well. This methodology connects theories of beauty, confidence, economy and comfort. We are a motivated team that is constantly thinking about the future and breaking the paradigm. Now our challenge is to build on our momentum and broaden our horizon.


Why Uvay

We are a motivated and like-minded team that is constantly dedicated to raise our standards for reliability and seeing that our customers get utmost satisfaction. We have been providing our clients with reliable and responsive solutions to their construction challenges. Our expertise encompasses the full range of commercial and residential construction projects, from the smallest of service to the bigger design- build projects with an international exposure

We complete every residential and commercial project on schedule, on budget and with a responsive client centered approach. At Uvay we believe in the magic of quality material and workmanship, that’s why we are continuously taking innovative approaches and expertise, and constantly checking on quicker project completion and competitive pricing which make us stand out. We are vigorously engaged in the reinvention and revitalization of the urban condition, and we are committed to the mindset that each component of that condition must contribute to the larger context and an ability to affect positive change.